What's in a symbol? Ponder the stop sign, the Nike swoosh, or even the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. They’re familiar and unifying. That’s what The MiA Project digital and physical Badge is for: uniting an important movement of American production and design and ascribing a recognizable badge of honor to it. For those who become familiar with it, The MiA Project Badge is a symbol of unity and pride. For those who are unfamiliar, their curiosity leads them to The MiA Project website and community where a world of stories and education about American design and designers awaits them.

Badges come in several colors and shapes to complement users’ online or physical color schemes and can also be used as product hangtags. Badges are free to use and apply for. So why not?

Our badge is for designers, manufacturers and supporters - everyone. For supporters, there is a unique version of the Badge. For designers and manufacturers, there is a predetermined subset of production criteria to display the Badge, which you can find in the below link. Designers or manufacturers not quite meeting the criteria but in support of the concept can display the Supporter Badge.  

We commit to vet all MiA Badge applicants as thoroughly as possible via our modest research team. Because we like to see the world as a half-full glass, we trust that honest answers are provided to our in-depth business questionnaire. Don’t bust our glass, please.