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Frankincense + Orange Noble Series Soy Candle

by Manready Mercantile

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Soy is the future of clean burning, all-natural candles. We hand pour our soy candles in whiskey glasses. Each batch is done in small quantities and every one has a unique character!

Choose from four curated scents created from all-natural essential oils derived by distilling plants. Every candle is made with the maximum amount of essential oil allowed before it would separate from the wax (so it's packed full of goodness).

Soy wax burns clean unlike petroleum wax, so don't worry about soot or carcinogens. Be sure to clip your wicks as you go to avoid wick residue.

Soy puts off the best throw (scent) once a hot puddle is allowed to form. Enjoy the whiskey glass when you're done! Life is good.

  • + Size: Net Wt 7oz in whiskey tumbler
  • + Cotton wick - remember to trim!
  • + 40+ hour burn time
  • + Made in the USA
About Manready Mercantile

Manready Mercantile was officially created in November of 2012 by Travis Weaver, a small town guy originally from Zephyr, Texas. His flourishing small business is built on values, honesty, and hard work and with the goal to create jobs, help other makers, and support USA made goods.

Travis started by making candles on a stove in his apartment to prove he could start a successful line without any funding. He focused even then on all-natural ingredients and small batches and soon partnered with his neighbor, Roby Fitzhenry, a graphic designer, who spearheaded label design and overall branding. Most Manready Mercantile goods are unisex, but especially great for men. They aimed to revamp the packaging and branding so that more men would pay attention to the products they were using and invest in higher-quality apothecary-like, everyday items.

*Houston, TX
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