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Meadow Slumber

by Sanae Intoxicants

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A vetiver dream rocked with drop bass notes of labdanum, soothed by the powdery sweetness of Balsam of Peru. Phrases of lavender and bergamot evoke a warm and lush napping spot in a field. This pairs nicely with an Adina Mills ring or some of our vinyl selects. Spray, listen, and feel the power of gemstones mixing with killer tunes and intoxicating scents.

Available in 0.5 ml pure perfume sample, 5 ml pure perfume, or 25 ml Eau de Parfum.
About Sanae Intoxicants

Sanae Barber is a new generation perfumer, Sanae Barber works with scents which range from the comfortingly familiar to the vividly exotic. Unabashedly sensual and deeply mysterious, these daring, varied combinations meld to create signature unisex scents, which differ intimately with each wearer.

Using only all natural botanic oils, resins and absolutes, fixed with the finest organic grain alcohol, “Intoxicants” are the result of slow exploration - a highly creative, nearly meditative, process, and all are handmade by Sanae.

Born in Japan, raised around the globe, and finally settling in Los Angeles, Sanae brings an innate sense of openness and adventure to her perfume alchemy. Already buffeted by an extensive background in bodywork, energy health and holistic wellbeing (not to mention a long career in marketing), natural perfumery seemed like a an obvious extension of her background. Sourcing rare and exotic natural oils, she subsequently mixes them with a very Californian sense of freedom.

*Los Angeles, CA
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