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The Astral Guides Cards

By Obi Kaufmann

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A 52-card, divinatory art-deck by Obi Kaufmann, an Of The Wolves contributor and artist + poet, based on the stars and their poetic journey across the Northern sky.

The deck itself is printed on high-quality, poker style cards. The print quality is beautiful, and as much as it is a game, it is also a portfolio of the figurative-paintings and poetry of Obi Kaufmann.

The Astral Guides work with light to help with particular quandaries. Each card is assigned a star, or a constellation of stars, that when in season, benefit from moving between the Earth and the arm of the Milky Way it lives in. Begin by shuffling the deck well, concentrating on the dilemma. Always consult the deck with specific intention. Draw one, three or five cards depending on the depth and importance of the quandary at hand. Arrange the cards in order, laterally so the orienting symbols on both sides of the card line up. Count the numbers, consider how the orienting symbols align, recognize the seasonality of each card, move through the poetry. If the numbers add up to an even sum, if the orienting symbols don’t align, or if the season isn’t right, don’t pay too much attention to the reading: the door needs to be open correctly for the guides to grant clear divination.

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About Obi Kaufmann

Poet and artist Obi Kaufmann is an advocate for wilderness defense and conservation. His written and visual work always makes reference to a deeper mystery where an inner world of adventure and wonder meets the outer world of evolution and natural history. He illustrates for Bay Nature Magazine,, and the Bureau of Land Management. In 2016, he will participate in artist-residencies with both the Human Condition Labs Artist in Research Program in NYC and the National Parks Conservation Association. Currently, Obi is working on a massive project: CALIFORNIA, A FIELD ATLAS. A compendium of hundreds of hand painted maps that Obi has drafted over his many years of combing the California backcountry. “I see all around us, evidence for a deep narrative of Californian ecology that transcends its present human occupiers. Ancient and enduring systems, defining the wild character of natural California, which while never completely static, remain intact and steadfast despite the forced stresses imposed on them from the contemporary human ecology and society. The Field Atlas will describe my journey towards understanding California as a single breathing, moving, living system that holds one epic narrative: a thread of natural history bright, poetic and undeniable.”
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