Let us not forget the true purpose of July 4th but acknowledge that our gatherings, celebrations and fireworks are all in the name of FREEDOM. And fun. And family. And friends. Preparing for this summer holiday can be quite enjoyable - deciding what to pack in your picnic basket and what cozy outfit to slip into while enjoying the sun's warmth. Behold some of our favorite picks, all from The MiA Shop.

Bleu Garters' Floral Crown, $68; Bleu Garters' Ivy Headband, $28; Summer Bummer's Sustainable Tank in Seafoam Green, $55; Shwood's Belmont Sunglasses in Oak, $145; Pendleton Woolen Mills' Sonora Serape Blanket, $239; Siwy Denim's Dylan Shorts, $156; Adina Mills' Align Ring, $140;  the palatines shoes' Slide Sandal, $198; Btwn Wind & Water's Crossover Clutch in Cobalt, $150; Tarina Tarantino's Drabarni Long Beaded Necklace, $50; Frieda & Nellie's Lucky Cowgirl Bracelet, $150, and Blue and Neon Pom Pom Bracelet, $96.

Bailey of Hollywood's Loche in Brown, $113 (coming soon); Bagtazo's Metallurgy Copper Cuff, $18; Goodlife's Crew Neck in Dill, $70; Norman Russell's Willis II in Tan Button-up, $198; Pendleton Woolen Mills' Chief Joseph Muchacho Shawl, $89; Norman Russell's The Cookie in Wash II, $297; Stock & Barrel Co.'s Redford Leather Satchel, $950.

For the Kids: Kumquat's Lemon Stripe Dress, $26; Cade&Co.'s Buster Slip-on Baby Shoes, $36.