After co-founding The MiA Project, the extent to which I wanted to give of myself to more activism, storytelling, coaching and consulting, and supporting more creators was stretched and strengthened. Opening the Los Angeles store allowed me to hear even more stories firsthand and meet even more people, one of whom was Lulu Brud Zsebe, an actress, maker, and storyteller with the beautiful beginnings of an international platform for healing, celebrating artists and providing tools for a sustainable life well-lived in the modern age. Together, she and I relaunched Of The Wolves this summer in a much more robust way - as a community storytelling platform with over 15 contributors with vast expertise.

Being an entrepreneur or artist in this day and age is an overly stressful enterprise, and through Of The Wolves we dive into more tools to maintain balance while discussing practical tools and celebrating some of our favorite designers. Here at The MiA Project, we have been and will be sharing some of those stories of designers, makers, manufacturers and leaders in relevant fields in partnership with Of The Wolves - creating an even larger network of narratives, tools for the design community and ways to support them.

Today, we launch our shopping collection in partnership with Of The Wolves. Many of these items ship within two days from our LA store. There will be more and more additions to The MiA Shop this fall and winter, and we hope you'll consider supporting us and the network of independent makers and companies we represent.