"MiA in the Studio"

"MiA in the Studio"

(On government affiliations) No, we are not a government-sanctioned organization, nor do we “officially” certify designers. We focus on creating awareness and community.


(On the difference between a seal and The MiA Project Badge) The MiA Project Badge is not a seal; it’s a badge of honor in support of American design and manufacturing. The MiA Project badge is available both digitally and physically. It can be placed on any social media channel, personal website, or physical item.


(On Badge users: Designers) Design companies conducting part or all of their manufacturing in the USA, stateside manufacturers, and stores selling mostly American-made products can display The MiA Project Badge if approved. Applying is quick, easy, and best of all free.


(On Badge users: Supporters) Whether you have your own blog, are the proprietor of a local coffee shop, or simply support American manufacturing, you, too, can show your support of American made goods by displaying The MiA Project Badge anywhere in your place of business or website. Procuring the Badge files is simple, just fill this out. We weren't lying when we said there was a badge for everyone!


(On Badge users: Production Facilities) Do you oversee a production facility in the U.S.? Display The MiA Project Badge and connect with Designers looking to produce in the U.S.A. Click here for more information.


(On Badge usage and application cost) The current version of The MiA Project Badge is free to apply for and use. 

(On fact checking) We rely on business integrity when filling out the questionnaire for The MiA Project Badge. Honest answers please.


(On Physical Badges) The MiA Project Badges are also available in printed versions. We have several card stocks to choose from as well as custom-designed stationery on its way.


(On cats...and who’s in charge here) We’re a female-run organization, and yes, we like cats. Except our web developer - he prefers puppy dogs to kitties and whiskey to sweet tea.


(On outsourcing) We are not against businesses that manufacture abroad. In fact, we have a deep respect for the rich apparel history of China (love qípáos!) and own clothing, accessories and homeware made abroad, too.


(On The MiA Project products) No, we do not manufacture our own MiA product (right now), but we have exciting plans for the future. Stay tuned!


(On contributing to The MiA Project website) We love editorial submissions. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or artist of any sort, we’d love to hear from you. Follow this link for submission guidelines.


(On the longevity of made in America) As long as we're a global world and a prideful nation we feel certain this topic will remain relevant and entertaining. We could spend every day covering American designers and getting lost in their work and certainly hope to!