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Cuttin' Board Treatment

by Manready Mercantile

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A butcher's best friend. This hard working, specialized blend is great for any kitchen. After washing and drying your wooded goods, apply a small amount to a dry cloth and blend to prevent cracking. Apply every 5-10 uses, or as needed.

Great for cuttin' boards, chopping blocks, and other wooden kitchen supplies. Naturally helps anti-bacterialize with citrus fruit essential oils of red grapefruit and lemon. Insure the life of your investment!

  • + Size: 8fl oz glass bottle with pull tab and cork
  • + Ingredients: White food grade mineral oil, cold pressed lemon, and cold pressed grapefruit.
  • + Made in the USA
About Manready Mercantile

Manready Mercantile was officially created in November of 2012 by Travis Weaver, a small town guy originally from Zephyr, Texas. His flourishing small business is built on values, honesty, and hard work and with the goal to create jobs, help other makers, and support USA made goods.

Travis started by making candles on a stove in his apartment to prove he could start a successful line without any funding. He focused even then on all-natural ingredients and small batches and soon partnered with his neighbor, Roby Fitzhenry, a graphic designer, who spearheaded label design and overall branding. Most Manready Mercantile goods are unisex, but especially great for men. They aimed to revamp the packaging and branding so that more men would pay attention to the products they were using and invest in higher-quality apothecary-like, everyday items.

*Houston, TX
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