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Yoga Mat Sani Spray Cleanser

By Cuccio Somatology

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One of the first - an environmentally friendly sanitizing mat cleaner that extends the longevity of your yoga mat and helps create a more balanced and uplifting yoga experience. This naturally cleans your mat of bacteria no matter how much you sweat or practice. Enjoy the refreshing scent of Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera. Refresh. Replenish. Reuse - created by one of our Of The Wolves contributors!

    + Instructions: Spray directly to mat and wipe down with cloth or apply to damp cloth and wipe down.

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About Cuccio Somatology

Cuccio Somatology represents a new approach to health and wellness through full body awareness. Each product is formulated with the finest ingredients with a unique awareness of the importance of mind, body and spirit to help you achieve balance and tranquility in your life. All products are made as natural as possible and can be applied to the skin.

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