Since 2014, Of The Wolves has served as a medium to connect and share, with a focus on sustainable living, spirituality and sanctuaries. In 2016, Of the Wolves relaunched as a community driven site, led by Lulu Brud Zsebe and Micha Thomas, co-founder of The MiA Project. We ask: how do we see ourselves in the never-ending stories and imagery pushed out to us nowadays, or do we at all. We exist in service of something far more important than creating and selling “content”, something ancient: sharing stories with the intent to pass information, preserve tradition and to connect.

Everything Of The Wolves puts into the world supports the belief we’re all magically one of a kind, powerfully part of a pack. Our Wolf Pack consists of actresses, entrepreneurs, clairvoyants, poets, writers, musicians and more. We hope you see part of your magical self reflected in us.