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Strut Shelving System in Multiple Colors

by Souda

from 325.00
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Modern minimalism meets classic architectural construction in the Strut Shelving System, designed by Luft Tanaka & Shaun Kasperbauer. Inspired by the Manhattan Bridge and construction techniques of early aircraft carriers, the modular system is functional and flexible making it ideal for commercial and residential spaces alike. Offered in both powder coated and plated options, the polished simplicity and adaptability of the system is sure to support any interior effortlessly.

To order, choose your bracket color and shelf length above. The 52” shelf comes with two brackets, and the 84” shelf comes with three brackets. For multiple shelves, increase the quantity.

Though production for the brackets has moved overseas, the wood shelves are carefully selected and created here in the U.S.A.

  • + Materials: Powder coated steel, hard maple, oil finish
  • + Shelf Dimensions: Length 52" or 84", Depth 11.5", Thickness .75"
  • + Bracket Dimensions: Width 3", Depth 11.5", Height 13"
  • + Bracket colors available: white, light blue, light green, red, black, brass, copper
  • + Made in the USA
About Souda

Souda is Isaac Friedman-Heiman, Shaun Kasperbauer and Luft Tananka. Souda is also a Japanese word that roughly translates to "Oh, yeah!" This superb design team create furniture, lighting and home décor. Producing objects that integrate art and design while balancing a machine and hand-made aesthetic, Souda's goods are approachable and intimate, yet highly refined. Souda has been the recipient of ICFF's "Best New Designer" Award in 2014 and were honored with a 2014 NY Design Award for the Strut Shelving System. Having only had products on the market a little over a year, Souda is quickly emerging as a new force in contemporary design. Just ask The New York Times… and us.

Brooklyn, NY
This item is usually made to order, but sometimes in stock. It will ship within 1-6 weeks upon your order. If you would like a current order fulfillment time estimate, don't hesitate to ask us by emailing

  • + Domestic: $31 for the 48" shelf, and $41 for the 84" shelf.
  • + International: please contact with your international shipping address for international shipping rates.

Return Policy: This product is final sale unless it is delivered damaged. If you have an issue with your order, please contact and we will do our best to assist you.