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Meter Demi Scarf

by Ink & Tailor

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An electric meter photographed in Portland, Oregon becomes a shared canvas for graffiti artists' sticker-tags, morphing into a collaged piece of urban art.

Ink & Tailor designers Maya and K'era snap all photographs printed on their scarves themselves. Each is part of a limited edition collection, selected for interest, beauty, color, and emotional ties!

  • + Sizing: 26" x 26"
  • + Material: Charmeuse, 100% Silk
  • + Made in USA
About Ink & Tailor

Ink & Tailor is former college roommates Maya von Geldern and K'era Morgan, creative souls with a love of photography and an insatiable desire for artistic exploration. After 20 years, they came together to create Ink & Tailor, a culmination of their friendship and shared passions.

The duo cleverly blend art and apparel, transforming a static image they've personally taken into fluid works of art meant to be draped, wrapped and worn. They give a new perspective to the mundane, elevate the ignored, and celebrate all that’s beautiful, whether it be oddities or the simple joys in life.

Each piece is a limited edition, and each collection is inspired by the people, places, and things close to their homes, as well as far away. In a world of different perspectives, their goal is to share their interpretation of the world captured through a camera lens onto textiles.

*Los Angeles, CA & Portland, OR
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